REST API Implementation with ConnectWise - snssystem

REST API Implementation with ConnectWise

SNS system team created a web portal for a client who was using ConnectWise internally, we created a portal in .NET and also providing mobile apps

REST: REST stands for Representational State Transfer, it is a simple stateless architecture that runs over HTTP where each unique URL is a representation of some resource. REST is not tied to any particular technology or platform – it’s simply a way to design things to work like the Web. People often refer to services that follow this philosophy as “RESTful services.

ConnectWise: As the business management platform of the ConnectWise Business Suite, ConnectWise provides built-in automation that lets you manage and run every aspect of the business. Seamless flow between sales & marketing, billing, data & reporting, and customer management means doing more with less.

ConnectWise Invent: ConnectWise Invent is a unique program combining readiness, support, certification, and awareness for vendor integrators. Through the ConnectWise Invent program, the vendor community can take advantage of our dedicated developer network and leverage our expanded and improved SDK and APIs.
Through ConnectWise Invent, we offer access to our integration tools, best practices, and product expertise so that your solution’s integration provides a true competitive advantage.

ConnectWise APIs: The ConnectWise APIs now include both REST and SOAP versions. The REST version began release with ConnectWise 2015.3. The REST API brings about many new changes and enhanced features.
The ConnectWise Suite of APIs consists of 19 APIs which are available through the ConnectWise developer network for integrated. The following categories of API are available: Accounting, MSP, Activity, Opportunity, Company, Product, Contact, Project, Generic Billing, Purchasing, Invoice, Reporting, Marketing, Service Tickets, marketing, system, managed device, time, and member. For additional information, register with the developer network.

ConnectWise Integration: The ConnectWise integration allows you to join together your web portal and ConnectWise accounts. This allows tickets created in web portal to be managed and processed in ConnectWise, and to be associated with the correct sites (or "Companies" in ConnectWise).

  1. Download the ConnectWise component
  2. Start the configuration
  3. Choose the category
  4. Create a new item for Integrator Login
  5. Configure account synchronization
  6. Configure site associations
  7. Configure Service Board
  8. Configure status associations
  9. Configure priority associations
  10. Finalize setup

Web Portal: The Web Portal is your Endpoint Management control application. Depending on your security level, you have visibility of every site you manage as well as your entire device estate.

In the Web Portal, you do the following:

  • Setup and configure your Autotask Endpoint Management account. This includes setting up security levels and users, branding your portal, configuring account and site settings, and installing and managing third-party integrations.
  • Manage the sites in which you can group your devices by customer, location, department, etc.
  • Add (by deploying agents) and manage all your devices, including Windows, Mac and Linux devices, mobile devices and network devices and printers.
  • Create and manage components (applications, monitors and scripts) that get deployed to your endpoints.
  • Schedule jobs.
  • Create policies.
  • Manage networks, software, patches and backups.
  • Manage alerts and tickets.
  • Generate reports.

Create a Ticket in the Web Portal: In the AEM (Autotask Endpoint Management) Web Portal, tickets can be created manually at account, site and device level, using both the standalone and advanced integrated ticketing that AEM offers. You can also configure monitors or monitoring policies to create tickets when an alert is raised.

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